Web and Digital Applications Resources


Web Resources

Biblioteca Miguel de Cervantes Virtual: a digital library of texts in Spanish, hosted by the Universidad de Alicante.

Carcel de Ventas a site that contains information as well as an audio and video recording of Victoria Kent in her role as Directora General de Prisiones.

“Cien años en femenino”: a guide to an exhibition of women in Spain 1911-2011, held at the Conde-Duque municipal center, Madrid.  May, 2012.

Google Books. Full text copies of texts by Arenal, Gálvez and Jovellanos.

Goya en el Prado” collection on-line (Museo del Prado)

Hemeroteca digital on-line periodical archive (Biblioteca Nacional de España)

“Paisajes de la historia: La Sección Femenina” a 2006 production of RTVE, España.


Resources on Digital Applications:

Brazell, Aaron. WordPress Bible. Indianapolis: Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2010. Print.

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